Jennifer Smith       Distracted Driving Advocate & Speaker

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Jennifer Smith has been one of the leading advocates against distracted driving since her mother was killed by a driver talking on a cell phone on Sept. 3, 2008. She was extensive resume of distracted driving efforts and now continues to work to prevent this dangerous epidemic from happening to others by sharing her story and the science and latest research behind the dangers of driving while distracted. Jennifer also consults with families who have lost loved ones or been injured by a distracted driver so they can start their own grassroots efforts to change the culture of our society.

Jennifer is available to give her presentations to schools, communities, organizations or corporations to help educate the public on the real dangers of cell phone use while driving and how you can help prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone you know or love.  To request information regarding these events or for media or other inqueries please see the Contact Info page.

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